Last year we saw bad road conditions of snow and ice in Britain and the weather looks like it is going to be worrying and temperatures will drop again this winter. Avoid being broken down on the hard shoulder and check your car for the minor but important things such as oil, tyre pressure/tread depth, water and windscreen wash. It is also advisable to carry blankets in the back of your car or boot for those emergency moments just in case of a breakdown.


One of the things many drivers tend to neglect is their car parts including batteries, tyres,and electrical componenents such as their starter motor & alternators. Having winter tyres fitted to vans who are especially used for delivering goods are being urged to check these. Winter tyres can be used all year round and are designed to work on all winter weather conditions and many motorists are unaware that these winter tyres even exist and think they can only be used in winter, however, they do gain the most benefit in extreme weather conditions.


These tyres have been tested and dramatically increase the breaking distance in icy conditions by creating a scrape in the ice with snipes which when braking spread. The winter tyres also give protection in wet weather road conditions and have wide grooves. As nearly 50% of accidents occur in the winter months, it is well worth investing in these winter tyres for your van and they are available from Findapart.

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